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Hot galvanized steel channel price?

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Hot galvanized steel channel price?

Issue Time:2020-10-12

Galvanized steel is now commonly used in building construction of a profile, according to the different process of galvanizing into hot-dip galvanized steel and hot-blow galvanized steel, is the rust after the steel is immersed in about 440~460℃melt the zinc solution, the steel member attached to the surface of the zinc layer, which play the purpose of anti-corrosion.Due to the complexity of the process, hot-dip galvanized steel channel prices will of course be higher than the price of ordinary channel.

  Now the main method of galvanizing the surface of Channel steel is hot-dip galvanizing.Hot-dip galvanizing is the development of the older hot-dip galvanizing method, since 1836 in France since the application of hot-dip galvanizing in industry, has a history of 170 years.However, the past 30 years, with the rapid development of cold-rolled strip, hot dip galvanizing industry has been a large-scale development, hot dip galvanized steel channel prices are increasingly tend to be transparent.

Hot-dip galvanizing is a very good method for coating protective steel substrates.It is in a liquid state of zinc, after a very complex physical and chemical effects, not only on the steel plated with a thick layer of pure zinc, but also to generate a zinc-iron alloy layer.This plating method, not only has the corrosion resistance of galvanized, and because of the zinc-iron alloy layer.Also has a strong corrosion resistance can not be compared to the proposed galvanized.Therefore, this plating method is particularly suitable for a variety of strong acid, alkali mist and other strong corrosive environment.

  In fact, the price of hot-dip galvanized steel is also with the raw material market changes, the price may vary every day, so that if you need advice, you should call the price subject to inquiry, if you need to know more, please check the website for other information.


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