Song Yanchun

CEO & Founder

Many people asked me:Being awoman,why do you choose the metal industry?

I said:Because of love and thanksgiving, I was born in Tangshan, China. Tangshan is a citygathering
the mills of the iron and steel.
At the same time, Tangshan is still a city of phoenix nirvana.
Everyone knows that this city suffered world-shocking earthquake in 1976.
A modern industrial city was flattened to the ground in seconds, hundreds of thousands of lives lost their lives in the sleep…

Meaning of lifeLove and gratitude

I was born in 1976.I know more about the meaning of life:I return the love and appreciation to good-hearted people around the world who supported the reconstruction of Tangshan after the disaster. What's more important is that even greater difficulties need to be met with a strong heart. Iron and steel has brought me not only career but also a feeling. It is constantly reminding and inspiring me. No matter what difficulties or temptations come accross, I must have tenacity of iron and steel. To be honesty, supplly good product, provide professional service, and to be a powerful steel supplier in the world,Junnan could do that. I speak for tenacity and honest by steel.

Our Products

Steel brand supplier

China steel brand and logistics integrity and brand suppliers,Alibaba Assessed supplier

Customized processing

Product diversification and processing customization to meet customer's various needs

Market analysis

Professional team for steel market analysis, providing market trend and reducing cost for customers.

Quality assurance

Product quality is checked at all steps. Professional inspection to ensure that the quantity of the goods is sufficient.


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Junnan is committed to building the first brand of integrity, quality and service in China's steel trade!


Our professional sales team will provide steel services at the most reasonable price. We always believe that there is no best, only better, we have been providing satisfied services to our customers for decades.

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