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H-beam production need to pay attention to what are the problems?

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H-beam production need to pay attention to what are the problems?

Issue Time:2020-09-24

The use of H-beam is very broad, more popular, so in many steel mills in the production of H-beam is the key, H-beam production has its own set of methods, but in the production process there are a lot of details to note, these details are often related to the quality of H-beam, small make up to explain toH-beam production line is in accordance with the H-beam production line accuracy (filter out invasive impurity particles) difference, using thick H-beam production line, ordinary H-beam production line, fine H-beam production line and four fine H-beam production line device, the difference can be filtered to 100 microns or more, 10 to 100 microns, 5 to 10 microns impurities,Note: the selection of oil filter, should consider the following points:

H-beam production line accuracy should meet savings requirements.

  Sufficient flow capacity over a longer period of time.Filter is strong enough, H-shaped steel will not be damaged due to the use of hydraulic.The filter element has excellent corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time under temperature.Filter easy to clean or change.

  Therefore, the filter should be in accordance with the technical requirements of the hydraulic system, in accordance with the accuracy of the H-beam production line, the flow of talent, professional pressure, oil viscosity, professional temperature and other requirements to choose its Model.

  The above is the H-beam in the production of the need to pay attention to the problem, we need to take a good look, as the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, especially the production of Steel is the key, we pay more attention to, so as to better grasp the quality of H-beam.

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