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Tokyo Steel Increases Plate Price in December

Tokyo Steel Increases Plate Price in December
Issue Time:2018-11-21

Tokyo Steel said on Monday that the company's demand for theconstruction industry was strong and the market supply was relatively tight.The company decided to increase the plate price in December by 2.5%.

This is the first time Tokyo Steel has raised the price ofplate in the past 11 months. At the same time, the company will keep the priceof other varieties of steel unchanged, including its main product H-beam.

After this price increase, the price of Tokyo Steel Platewill increase from 81,000 yen / ton to 83,000 yen ($ 737) / ton. Bar prices,including rebar, will remain unchanged at ¥69,000/t. H-beam is still at 89,000yen / ton. 

Tokyo Steel's monthly pricing strategy is closely watched bySouth Korean competitors such as Posco, Hyundai Steel Co, and Baoshan Iron& Steel Co.

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