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How much do you know about the Southeast Asian steel industry ?

How much do you know about the Southeast Asian steel industry ?
Issue Time:2018-11-20

On the supply side, steel production is concentrated inMalaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. In 2016, the crude steel products ofVietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand were 7.81 million, 4.75 million, 2.76million and 3.83 million respectively. It can be seen that even in SoutheastAsia, the leading crude steel products in Vietnam are only 78,100, which isonly comparable to a large steel company in China. However, the production ofcrude steel in Vietnam is very fast. In 2007, its crude steel production was2.02 million, and in 2017 it was 11.47 million, and the compound length was18.95%. The crude steel production in Malaysia was negative since 2008, and itscrude steel production in 2007 was 6.9 million, down to 2.76 million in 2016,the compound length rate was -9.7%; the crude steel products of other SoutheastAsian countries remained basically stable.

The imbalance of steel industry chain structure in SoutheastAsia is more serious, and there are only a handful of iron and steel productioncapacity; steelmaking is mainly based on electric arc furnace steelmaking, andthe production capacity is very limited; the steel rolling capacity isrelatively large, and after recent continuous investment, the productioncapacity is long, but Insufficient capacity for deep processing of steel addedto the product. Therefore, for a long time, rolling mills in Southeast Asia aremore willing to import low slab rolling materials from abroad, resulting inlong-term development of ironmaking and steelmaking capacity in the region.

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