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US crude steel production weekly report (July 7)

US crude steel production weekly report (July 7)
Issue Time:2018-07-12

    In the week ending July 7, 2018, the domestic domestic crudesteel output was 1.792 million tons, and the capacity utilization rate was76.4%. In the same period last year, the output was 1.733 million short tonsand the capacity utilization rate was 74.3%. Crude steel output rose by 3.4%year-on-year and rose by 0.6% on a week-on-week basis. In the week ending June23, 2018, the domestic domestic crude steel output was 1.78 million short tons,and the capacity utilization rate was 76%.

    After adjustment, as of July 7, 2018, the cumulative crudesteel output in the United States was 47.922 million short tons, the capacityutilization rate was 76.3%, and the cumulative crude steel output rose 2.9%year-on-year. In the same period of 2017, it was 46.571 million short tons and74.4% respectively.

    The weekly crude steeloutput was divided into regions, with 209,000 short tons in the northeastregion, 679,000 short tons in the Great Lakes region, 189,000 short tons in thecentral and western regions, 639,000 short tons in the south, and 76,000 shorttons in the west, totaling 1.792 million short tons.

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