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Benefits of choosing prepainted plates

Benefits of choosing prepainted plates

April 20,2023

Because the prepainted plate is strictly controlled in the production and manufacturing process, it ensures uniform quality in terms of appearance, durability and process performance. The price of mass-produced color coated plate is cheap, compared with the finished part plating solution, the liquid component in architectural coatings has high water content, low loss of organic chemical architectural coatings, and economic development is cost-effective. The application of prepainted plates greatly simplifies the manufacturing process and does not find air pollution caused by organic chemistry such as lacquering and baking. The types of architectural coatings commonly selected are epoxy resin, polyurethane, silicone-modified material polyurethane, polyvinylidene fluoride, polyurethane material, etc.


People in the selection of the above according to the application of the natural environment and the main use of the different, should take different substrates or different types of architectural coatings of colorful coated thick steel plates, general engineering building covering, should take hot-dip galvanized substrate of colorful coated thick steel plates. In engineering buildings as corrugated board, it is best to use the upper and lower layers are 2 coating 2 baking to produce the color coated board, in the production of color steel sandwich panel, the upper surface layer is used for 2 times plating,

Color coated plate has light concrete, beautiful and excellent anti-corrosion characteristics, but also can be immediately produced and processed, so it can be used in the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, car processing industry, home improvement industry and electrical equipment manufacturing industry, color coated plate to hot-rolled steel plate and galvanized sheet as the substrate, after surface normalization treatment, in a continuous way coated with architectural coating, after baking and water cooling and made of goods.

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