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To our respectable customers

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To our respectable customers

Issue Time:2020-02-11
To our respectable customers,
How are you?
This is an unforgetable and also a very special Spring Festival! Spring Festival is one of the traditional and oldest festival in China with 4000 years history. It contains all the best implication such as harmonious, joyful, happiness and so on.
However, a sudden outbreak of “new coronavirus pneumonia” was detected in Wuhan city China on Jan 30th, 2020, then it spreads and brings huge risk of health safety to the people in Wuhan and all over China.
What makes people comforting is--since the epidemic situation happened, Chinese government put people’s life and safety in the first place, activating the emergency plan immediately. Two special hospitals are established in 10 days and come into service.
A series of scientific, comprehensive and strict prevention and control measurements have achieved initial success in 10 days. Right now, the epidemic situation has been under the government control,and Chinese society operates in an orderly manner. It is believed that you will see the lovely and vibrant China again very soon.
Luckily, there is no infection phenomenon in Tangshan Jun Nan company, and all staff are in good physical condition. In order to better provide customers timely service, we have launched online office mode since Feb 3rd. Our sales and customer services all keep online 24 hours to provide you online service at any time, trying their best to make sure your orders proceed normally and providing professional consultant. 
Tangshan Jun Nan will keep tracking the situation of the orders logistics, and updating you accordingly.
Thanks for your trust and support to Tangshan Jun Nan steel. Let’s hand in hand, embrace the future!

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