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Introduction of the use of galvanized pipe?

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Introduction of the use of galvanized pipe?
Issue Time:2020-01-13

Galvanized pipe is one of the galvanized steel pipe, withuniform coating, strong adhesion, long service life and otheradvantages.Galvanized low cost, the surface is not very smooth, its owncorrosion resistance than hot galvanized pipe a lot of difference.


Most of the old houses are used galvanized pipe, now gas,heating with the kind of iron pipe is galvanized pipe, galvanized pipe as apipe, use a few years later, a large number of rust within the pipe, outflow ofyellow water not only pollute the sanitary ware, and mixed with not smoothinner wall of the bacteria, corrosion caused by theSixties and seventies, theinternational developed countries began to develop new pipe, and have disabledgalvanized pipe.China's Ministry of construction and other four ministries alsomade civilization indeed from 2000 to disable galvanized pipe, the new districtof the cold water pipe has been rarely used galvanized pipe, hot water pipesused in some areas is galvanized pipe.


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