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Specification and description of the use of mobile scaffolding

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Specification and description of the use of mobile scaffolding

Issue Time:2019-12-09

Everyone in the decoration or construction of real estate will be used when moving scaffolding, scaffolding as a mobile scaffold demand is very wide, how to use mobile scaffolding?Mobile scaffolding process need to pay attention to what ?

1.Mobile scaffolding pole from the wall net distance should not be greater than 150mm, the upper and lower pin door frame assembly must be set to connect the rod and the lock arm, both sides should be set inside and outside the Cross support and lock PIN lock with the door frame pole firmly.

2.Mobile scaffolding installation should be from one end to the other end of the extension, and layer by layer to change the erection direction, not relative.Cross support, horizontal frame or scaffold board should be followed by the installation of the door frame is set in a timely manner; connecting the door frame and accessories of the pin arm, the hook must be in the locked state.

3.In the top of the mobile scaffolding door frame, even the wall member set layer, protective shelter set at the level of the frame must be set.When the door frame erection height less than 45m, along the scaffolding height, horizontal frame should be at least two-step set; when the door frame erection height greater than 45m, the level of the frame should be set every step; regardless of how high the scaffolding should be in the scaffolding corner, the end and a gap at each step

The above is the flame Xin Sen domain xiaobian and share with you about the use of mobile scaffolding specifications and instructions, hoping to help you.


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