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What are the advantages of Larsen sheet piles?

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What are the advantages of Larsen sheet piles?

Issue Time:2019-11-20

Due to the rapid development of the domestic economy, the use of Larsen steel sheet piles has become more and more extensive throughout the country. We all know that Larsen steel sheet piles are generally used in trench excavation, water retaining, sand blocking walls, docks, and protective shores. So, how did the Larsen steel sheet pile come from? What are the advantages? The following I will come to you for your introduction.

The Larsen steel sheet pile plays a very important role in the construction of building, and even plays a role as a cornerstone. If the construction of the steel sheet pile is not good, then it is possible to affect all the construction work in the later stage, and the importance is visible.

Generally speaking, the Larsen steel sheet pile is suitable for the support structure with shallow depth. Before construction, the underground, ground and high-altitude obstacles must be leveled off. The underground pipeline to be retained should be excavated and protected. During the construction of the foundation pit and the structure, the surrounding rock and support system of the foundation pit are dynamically observed.

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