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How much do you know about Tangshan galvanized flat steel ?

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How much do you know about Tangshan galvanized flat steel ?
Issue Time:2019-09-16

Galvanized flat steel refers to a galvanized steel with a width of 12-300 mmand a thickness of 4-60 mm, a rectangular cross section and a slightly pureside. What are the advantages of galvanized flat steel? The following smallseries will introduce it to you.

1. The specifications of galvanized flat steel are special.The thickness is 8~50mm, the width is 150-625mm, the length is 5-15m, and theproduct specification is relatively dense, which can meet the needs of users.Instead of the middle plate, without cutting, it can be directly welded.

2. The surface of galvanized flat steel products is smooth.The high-pressure water descaling process is used twice in the process toensure the smooth surface of the steel.

3. The sides of the galvanized flat steel are vertical andthe angle is clear. The two-way vertical rolling in the finish rolling ensuresthat the sides are perpendicular to the sides, the corners are clear, and thesurface quality of the edges is good.

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