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Shandong port iron ore import price increase

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Shandong port iron ore import price increase

Issue Time:2019-06-05

In the first four months of 2019, the import of iron ore andconcentrates at Shandong Port was 64.391 million tons, an increase of 0.3% overthe same period of last year; the value was 35.03 billion yuan, an increase of20.1%; the average price was 544 yuan per ton, up 19.8%.

Among them, in April, Shandong Port imported 13.001 milliontons of iron ore, a decrease of 7.8%; value of 8.51 billion yuan, an increaseof 37.9%; average price of 616.3 yuan per ton, up 49.5%.

It is understood that in January this year, the monthlyimport volume of iron ore in Shandong Port continued its growth at the end oflast year, rising to 19.282 million tons, a new high since January 2016, andthen continued to fall, decreasing by 7.3% in April, to 2017. The new low sinceAugust; the monthly average import price continued to rise, the average importprice in April climbed to a new high since June 2014, up 9.8% from the previousmonth.

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