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Issue Time:2019-03-12
Cold-formed steel(CFS) is the common term for products made by rolling or pressing steel intosemi-finished or finished goods at relatively low temperatures (cold working).Cold-formed steel goods are created by the working of steel billet, bar, orsheet using stamping, rolling (including roll forming), or presses to deform itinto a usable product. Cold-worked steel products, such as cold-rolled steel(CRS) bar stock and sheet, are commonly used in all areas of manufacturing ofdurable goods, such as appliances or automobiles, but the phrase cold-formedsteel is most prevalently used to describe construction materials. The use ofcold-formed steel construction materials has become more and more popular sinceits initial introduction of codified standards in 1946. In the constructionindustry both structural and non-structural elements are created from thingauges of sheet steel. These building materials encompass columns, beams,joists, studs, floor decking, built-up sections and other components.Cold-formed steel construction materials differ from other steel constructionmaterials known as hot-rolled steel (see structural steel). The manufacturingof cold-formed steel products occurs at room temperature using rolling orpressing. The strength of elements used for design is usually governed bybuckling. The construction practices are more similar to timber framing usingscrews to assemble stud frames.

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