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Brazil's S11D iron ore exports increased by 40% in January

Brazil's S11D iron ore exports increased by 40% in January
Issue Time:2019-02-20

Statistics from Brazil's foreign trade sector show thatVale's S11D Caragas iron mine in Pará exports 5.4 million tons of iron ore inJanuary, up 40% from 3.86 million tons in the same period last year. Exportswere $244 million, an increase of 36.3% from $179 million in the same periodlast year.

In 2018, the mine exported 59.4 million tons, accounting for15% of Brazil's iron ore exports, and exports amounted to 2.87 billion USdollars. In December 2016, the mine was put into production. In January 2017,iron ore was officially exported, and iron ore was exported for 26,500 tonsthat month.

In May 2018, Vale had expected production to reach 7,000-80million tons in 2019 and 90 million tons in design capacity in 2020, making thenorthern iron ore production base a net increase of 75 million tons. OnDecember 5, Vale confirmed that it will invest 770 million to expandproduction. In 2022, the mine's output will reach 100 million tons.

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