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Posco accelerates the development of multi-color steel products

Posco accelerates the development of multi-color steel products
Issue Time:2019-01-23

Recently, Posco Steel Co., Ltd. (POSCOC·C) has acceleratedthe development of multi-color steel plates to actively respond to theindividual needs of the market. The multi-color steel plate is made of aspecially-customized color-coated plate as a substrate, and the user can selecta corresponding product design according to the forming type or the end usepurpose, so that the multi-color steel plate product is completely customizedaccording to the customer's needs from the development stage. Conventionalcolor-coated products use coatings with a thickness of 25-100 microns. Comparedwith traditional products, multi-color steel plates maximize the performance ofthe products by using a mixed coating of double resin coatings. And can fullyreflect the vividness of color.

The company's steel plate company provides a complete solution from the product design to the construction process, which integrates product performance, design and application, and can flexibly meet the diversified needs of customers. Not only that, but by making full use of the rich and textured paints, it can not only improve the expressiveness of the architectural design, but also make the appearance of the building shine. With the recent attention from all walks of life to the appearance of buildings, the demand for multi-color steel plates is expected to increase steadily.

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