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National Development and Reform Commission: Turkmenistan gas supply has gradually recovered

National Development and Reform Commission: Turkmenistan gas supply has gradually recovered
Issue Time:2019-01-09

The relevant person in charge of the Economic Development andControl Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission said on the8th that on the afternoon of the 8th, Turkmenistan Kangzeen gas supply hasgradually recovered to the planned value. Regarding "January 8,Turkmenistan's commensuration of reducing the supply of natural gas by about 35million cubic meters per day, and the subsequent price of LNG may rise" isnot accurate, and it is suspected of exaggerating speculation.

The person in charge said that since the heating season, theTurkmenistan gas supply has experienced short-term fluctuations, including thistime, fluctuations will have an impact on the operation of natural gas supply,but because each time is not long and the scale is small, Limited impact. Atpresent, the underground gas storage and liquefied natural gas (LNG) storagetanks of the three major oil companies can produce about 9 billion cubic metersof gas, and a large number of LNG resources are coming to Hong Kong one afteranother. There is sufficient room for resource control and preparation.Subsequent stable supply of natural gas.

According to reports, the construction of China's natural gasproduction, supply and marketing system has been solidly promoted and achieved positiveresults. Since entering the heating season, the work of ensuring natural gassupply has been generally stable and orderly. The natural gas consumption inthe heating season has a high starting point. Since the northern region enteredthe heating season on November 15, 2018, it has remained at more than 830million cubic meters per day. On November 21, it reached 864 million cubicmeters, breaking through 862 million cubic meters in the previous winter. Thehighest value of the meter. Up to now, the number of days with daily gas supplyexceeding 1 billion cubic meters has reached 12 days, and reached a maximum of1.037 billion cubic meters for two consecutive days.

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