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The recent decline in coke prices has weakened

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The recent decline in coke prices has weakened
Issue Time:2018-12-17

In November, the coke market showed a big change, thetransaction turned from weak to weak, the price went from up to down, and thedecline was increasing. Since entering December, the coke market has notimproved much, and prices continue to be in the downward channel of shocks, butthe decline has weakened.

In the analysis of the forecast of the trend of the cokemarket in the later period, the industry believes that from the current cokemarket operation situation, it is difficult for the coke price to rebound inthe short term, but the momentum of the sharp decline in the previous period isexpected to weaken, the decline narrows, and even stops falling. Stabilize. Atthe same time, some uncertain factors affecting the trend of the coke market inthe later period also need attention.

First, the implementation of the “limited production andinsured” measures of coke enterprises, whether it can alleviate the supplypressure of the coke market, there is uncertainty. Second, there is uncertaintyin the impact of the steel market's off-season coke market demand. Third,fluctuations in the upstream raw material market are uncertain about the trendof the later coke market. Fourth, the changes in traders' mentality and theadjustment of business models will affect the trend of the later coke market.

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