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Recently, domestic coke prices have maintained a rising trend

Recently, domestic coke prices have maintained a rising trend
Issue Time:2018-11-12

In the analysis and forecast of the trend of the coke marketin the later period, the operators and the industry generally believe that fromthe perspective of supply and demand, the coke market will maintain a stableand stable operation in the short term, and the price will rise steadily andwill not appear obvious. Falling market. However, some uncertain factorsaffecting the market outlook still need attention and attention. These factorsare mainly reflected in: First, enter the heating season and the high incidenceof smog weather, environmental protection and limited production of coke marketdemand changes. Second, the low inventory phenomenon in the coke market issustainable and there is uncertainty. Third, the fluctuation of the steelmarket fluctuates the impact of the market.

In addition, in November, Shanghai held the first ChinaInternational Import Expo. During this period, construction of constructionprojects around Shanghai will be suspended, which will also affect the demandfor construction steel. Industry insiders predict that from the end ofNovember, steel demand will fall across the board, steel prices will fluctuate.At this time, many steel companies will carry out annual maintenance, whichwill inevitably lead to a weakening of the demand intensity of the coke market,directly affecting the price trend of coke.

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