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Product Display —— Corrugated Roofing Sheet

Product Display —— Corrugated Roofing Sheet
Issue Time:2018-07-26

    Corrugated roofing sheets are the original roofing sheet forspanning across roof purlins. The corrugation on what would be a flat sheetotherwise gives the sheet rigidity along its length, stopping it from saggingbetween the support. Many different materials can be corrugated (made wavy) toturn them into corrugated roofing sheets and you will find a wide range ofoptions available.

    Corrugated sheets provide an enormous advantage with theirlow weight for lightweight roof structures. The dual-screw fastening system foreach individual shingle guarantees the highest level of security againststorms. Classic corrugated sheets provide the highest level offunctionality and aesthetics. The dual surface coating system forms the basisfor decades long resistance to weather and aesthetics, because it causes rainto drip off in the shape of drops. Perfect sound insulation without a drummingeffect when it rains, does not hold an electrostatic charge and does notdisrupt the cell phone network.

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