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Product Display —— Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Product Display —— Hot Rolled Steel Plate
Issue Time:2018-07-18

    Offered in two alloys, A36 and A1011, Hot Rolled SteelSheet/plate is made of low carbon steel that is commonly found in mostindustries. A36 offers good weldability, machinability, and can be heat treatedto harden its surface.

    A1011 is a high strength, highly formable steel,  that is commonly used to create drums, containers,and general fabrication.

    Unlike cold rolled steel, Hot Rolled Steel has a roughersurface and with galvanization, it can resist corrosion well.

    Uses: Hot rolled products like hot rolled steel bars are usedin the welding and construction trades to make railroad tracks and I-beams, forexample. Hot rolled steel is used in situations where precise shapes andtolerances are not required.

              hot rolled steel plate             hot rolled steel plate

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