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Product Display — Galvanized Steel Wire

Product Display — Galvanized Steel Wire
Issue Time:2018-07-06

    Galvanized steel wire rope is a high quality product giventhe entire manufacturing process of the steel is controlled all the way to theend product. It is manufactured with 3 or 7 wires galvanized via the fire-baseddouble galvanization process (Classes A and B) and complies with the strictestquality standards and technical specifications. Manufactured according to thecharacteristics of resistance classes SM (medium resistance), HS (highresistance) and EHS (extra high resistance). It is widely used in thetelecommunications and electrification industries, in applications like guy andbrace wire, conveyance line grounding, messenger rope support, counterweight,aluminum cable core, and others.


    Excellent protectivecoating that prevents rust and corrosion.

    A variety of coating weights offered to meet different marketapplications.


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