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Domestic steel PMI rises to 51.7% in April

Domestic steel PMI rises to 51.7% in April
Issue Time:2018-05-02

    According to the index report issued by the China Iron and Steel Association’s Steel Logistics Professional Committee on April 30, the PMI of the domestic steel industry purchasing managers index was 51.7% in April, a year-on-year increase of 1.1 percentage points.In the main sub-indices, the production index rose slightly, the new orders index and the new export orders index increased significantly, the purchase of raw materials index rose slightly, and the raw materials inventory index remained within the contraction range.

    Steel production is expanding slightly. The production index of the steel industry in April was 51.3%, a slight increase of 0.7% from the previous quarter. Production-related procurement activities are also clearly active. The data shows that after the end of the northern heating season, the start-up rate of blast furnaces in steel plants has gradually increased, and the demand for raw materials has increased. However, in some areas, environmental protection measures have been strengthened, and related steel mills have stopped production and overhauled, which has inhibited the overall supply, and production recovery has not been obvious.

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