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Japanese shipbuilding industry wants to "rebirth"

Japanese shipbuilding industry wants to "rebirth"
Issue Time:2018-03-09

    In 2017, although the global shipbuilding market was still in a downturn, but with the steady recovery of the world economy and international trade, the shipbuilding market situation has improved. Japanese shipbuilding companies seized the opportunity to receive a large number of new ship orders, and operating performance has also improved significantly. However, it still faces severe market competition.

    In 2018, the global economy will maintain a steady recovery. The recovery of the shipping market will increase, and the shipbuilding market will come out of the trough. It is expected that the completion status of Japan's shipbuilding industry will improve slightly, but the pace of orders will be slower. Shipbuilding companies will still face greater operating pressure and limited profitability. Japanese shipping companies will seize the opportunity period of the new technology revolution and focus on promoting. Smart manufacturing related technology development.

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