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Supply tight balance continued steel market welcome "gold September"

Supply tight balance continued steel market welcome "gold September"
Issue Time:2017-09-05
    Into September, in the supply side of the structural reform achieved remarkable results in the context of iron and steel, coal and iron ore and other commodities tight supply situation will be further developed, including steel city "gold September" has come.
    September 4, the domestic futures market commodity prices continued, as of the afternoon closing, rebar rose 1.68%, iron ore fell 2.08%, hot rolled steel coil 3.25%, coking coal fell 3.16%, coke fell 3.22%, Shanghai copper rose 0.82 %.
    Hot rolled futures rally will boost the confidence of the market, the spot, the steel market is eager to usher in the sales season, in August the market finished higher consolidation, "gold September" has started, hot volume futures daily limit again combustion market , The spot market as a whole strong rally.
    Although the decline, but the industry is widely expected, coking coal spot market will remain strong operating conditions, the origin of coal mine safety inspection and shutdown maintenance and other factors, the overall tight supply of coking coal resources, and downstream demand is relatively strong, so in September Coking coal prices broadening trend is obvious.

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