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Japan will visit the United States or is required to cut the trade deficit

Japan will visit the United States or is required to cut the trade deficit
Issue Time:2017-06-30
According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese economy and industry Xianggang Hongcheng will visit the United States from Washington, 28, has met with several ministers. While striving to lay the groundwork for Japan-US economic dialogue, the US side has strong dissatisfaction with the trade deficit with Japan, and will ask for concrete measures to reduce the deficit.

World Trade and Industry hopes to meet with US Commerce Secretary Ross, Trade Representative Wright Heze, Minister of Energy Perry, Chairman of the National Economic Council (NEC) Cohen, etc. on 29th. The trip to the United States was agreed in April with Ross's talks in Tokyo.

The visit to the United States as part of the economic dialogue led by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Secretary Aso Taro and Vice President of the United States led by Peng Si to promote economic cooperation. "At the press conference on June 27, he said," I hope to contribute to the preparation of the economic dialogue. "

But there are also questions within the Japanese government. US President Trump to import steel and aluminum on the domestic industry has caused great losses on the grounds that the "Trade Development Act" Article 232 to control imports. Japan or one of the objects, and Ross's talks may be mentioned in the specific requirements.

And Wright Heze 22 mentioned the future negotiations with Japan's Free Trade Agreement (FTA). It is estimated that the US-made beef tariffs and the Japanese auto market to strengthen the offensive. Toshiba's nuclear power business in the United States is expected to be one of the topics.


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