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Latin America is concerned about imports of steel products

Latin America is concerned about imports of steel products
Issue Time:2017-06-07
Some steel exporting countries and enterprises have turned to expanding exports of steel products to avoid being taxed. In view of this, some enterprises in Latin America steel strengthened the import control of the steel chain products. This is confirmed by the Latin American government's settlement of 59 surveys, of which 39 are against China, and 14 other investigations are still in progress, of which 12 are directed at Chinese steel.
See from these figures, steel exports face serious trade case, but beginning to show signs of some countries and enterprises by anti-dumping and countervailing sanctions are seeking alternatives, continue to export their manufactured goods in unfair trade conditions. The Latin American Steel Association cited an example, the first few months of this year by the Canadian government and the investigation of the case, and the emergence of new trade case, by changing the export strategy of the state and enterprises such as steel plate anti-dumping sanctions by the steel export quotas, export of steel industry value chain steering structure -- made of steel components. Steel structure assembly or part assembly, or modular structure steel is widely used in oil and gas exploration, mining, petrochemical, cement, fertilizer and other industrial equipment, products with these structural steel plate is the main.

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