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China Steel Association: This year is the smoothest year for the steel industry to run for ten years.

China Steel Association: This year is the smoothest year for the steel industry to run for ten years.
Issue Time:2018-08-22

Liu Zhenjiang, secretary general of China Iron and SteelAssociation, said in a speech at the 2018 China International Iron Ore andCoking Coal Coke Industry Conference on the 22nd that 2018 is the most stableperiod of the Chinese steel industry in the 10 years after the financialcrisis. It is the period when the indicators of the whole industry's economicoperation fluctuate the least. Steel production has also increased, and steelprices have stabilized within a reasonable range. The efficiency of the enterprisehas been further improved, and the quality and efficiency of the operation ofthe industry are in a state of being more stable and moderate in one year.


Liu Zhenjiang also said that the Chinese steel industry hasbeen better year after year since 2016. In the first half of 2018, the basicvictory in the third quarter is on the horizon. Based on the significance ofthe industry, the whole industry can form a consensus and act together. We mustadhere to three directions for the future: situation orientation, problemorientation, and goal orientation. The situation of the steel industry isdirectly related to the economic situation. The Chinese economy is related tothe world economic situation. The analysis and judgment of the situation, theproblems encountered in the daily operation of the industry, and the problemsin the long-term development of the industry must be studied and solved. . Inthe fourth quarter of 2018 and 2019, there will be more challenges. The fourthquarter of this year is more complicated than the previous three quarters, andthe variables of next year will appear. We must carefully assess and anticipatethe impact and impact of the United States on China's steel industry, andactively prepare for it, including the use of 2008 to 2015 experience.

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